Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

4. To turn daylight savings on or off, select “Daylight
Savings” and press ENTER. Select “On” or “Off” and
press ENTER.
5. Select DONE to exit from the clock setting mode. Press
ENTER to save your changes. If you press CANCEL or
NAV then your changes will not be saved.
User Defined Clock
If you wish to set the clock to a time different than the
system clock, you can manually adjust the time by
choosing the “User Defined Clock” option.
1. At the Clock Setup screen highlight “Displayed
Clock: User Defined Clock”.
2. To increase the clock by hours, make sure “HR +” is
highlighted and press ENTER. Press ENTER again to
increase the clock by another hour. You will see on the
“User Defined Time” display the number of hours you
have increased the clock by.
3. To decrease the clock by one hour, use the Select
Encoder to highlight the “-” sign. Press ENTER. Press
ENTER again to decrease the clock by another hour.