Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

Do not attempt to repair a tire on the side of the vehicle
close to traffic. Pull far enough off the road to avoid the
danger of being hit when operating the jack or repairing
a tire.
Cuts or punctures larger than approximately 0.16 in. (4
mm), tire damage caused by driving with extremely low
tire pressure or on a flat tire, or a damaged wheel can
pose a hazard while driving. TIREFIT should not be
used in such circumstances. Do not drive the vehicle
under such circumstances. Contact your nearest autho-
rized dealer for assistance.
Take care not to allow the contents of TIREFIT to come
in contact with hair, eyes or clothing. TIREFIT is harm-
ful if inhaled, swallowed, or absorbed through the skin:
It causes skin, eye, and respiratory irritation. Any con-
tact with eyes or skin should be flushed immediately
with plenty of water. If clothing comes in contact with
TIREFIT, change clothing as soon as possible.
In case of allergic reaction or rash, consult a physician
immediately. Keep TIREFIT out of reach of children. If
swallowed, rinse mouth immediately with plenty of
water and drink plenty of water. Do not induce vomit-
ing! Consult a physician immediately.
Keep away from open flame or heat source.
Sealing tire with TIREFIT
1. Turn on the hazard warning flashers.
2. Move the transmission selector lever to the PARK
position, turn off the engine, and set the parking brake.
3. Remove the TIREFIT kit from the trunk.
4. Pull the power plug (2) and the TIREFIT sealant hose
(6) out from the TIREFIT kit.
Hazard Flasher Switch