Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

You can be badly injured working on or around a
motor vehicle. Only do service work for which you
have the knowledge and the proper equipment. If
you have any doubt about your ability to perform a
service job, take your vehicle to a competent me-
The pages that follow contain the required maintenance
services determined by the engineers who designed your
Besides the maintenance items for which there are fixed
maintenance intervals, there are other items that should
operate satisfactorily without periodic maintenance.
However, if a malfunction of these items does occur, it
could adversely affect the engine or vehicle performance.
These items should be inspected if a malfunction is
observed or suspected.
Engine Oil
Checking Oil Level
To assure proper engine lubrication, the engine oil must
be maintained at the correct level. Check the oil level at
regular intervals, such as every fuel stop.
The best time to check the engine oil level is about 5
minutes after a fully warmed engine is shut off or before
starting the engine after it has sat overnight.
Checking the oil while the vehicle is on level ground will
improve the accuracy of the oil level readings. Maintain
the oil level in the “SAFE” range. Adding 1.0 quart (1.0L)
of oil when the reading is at the bottom of the “SAFE”
range will result in an oil level at the top of the “SAFE”
range on these engines.