Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

Pinch Protect Override
If a known obstruction (ice, debris, etc.) prevents closing,
press the switch forward and hold for two seconds after
the reversal occurs. This allows the sunroof to move
towards the closed position.
Pinch protection is disabled while the switch is
Venting Sunroof - Express
Press and release the ЉVЉ button, and the sunroof will
open to the vent position. This is called Express Vent,
which operates regardless of sunroof position. During
Express Vent operation, any movement of the switch will
stop the sunroof.
Sunshade Operation
The sunshade can be opened manually. However, the
sunshade will open automatically as the sunroof opens.
The sunshade cannot be closed if the sunroof is
Wind Buffeting
Wind buffeting can be described as the perception of
pressure on the ears or a helicopter type sound in the
ears. Your vehicle may exhibit wind buffeting with the
windows down, or the sunroof (if equipped) in certain
open or partially open positions. This is a normal occur-
rence and can be minimized. If the buffeting occurs with
the rear windows open, then open the front and rear
windows together to minimize the buffeting. If the
buffeting occurs with the sunroof open, then adjust the
sunroof opening to minimize the buffeting or open any
Sunroof Maintenance
Use only a non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth to clean
the glass panel.
Ignition Off Operation
The power sunroof switch will remain active for up to 60
minutes after the ignition switch is turned off. Opening
either front door will cancel this feature. The time for this
feature is programmable. For details, refer to “Delay
Power Off to Accessories Until Exit,” under “Personal