Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

Tread Wear Indicators
Tread wear indicators are in the original equipment tires
to help you in determining when your tires should be
These indicators are molded into the bottom of the tread
grooves. They will appear as bands when the tread depth
becomes 1/16 inch (2 mm). When the tread is worn to the
tread wear indicators, the tire should be replaced.
Many states have laws requiring tire replacement at this
Life of Tire
The service life of a tire is dependent upon varying
factors including but not limited to:
Driving style
Tire pressure
Distance driven
Tires and spare tire should be replaced after six
years, regardless of the remaining tread. Failure to
follow this warning can result in sudden tire failure.
You could lose control and have an accident result-
ing in serious injury or death.
Keep dismounted tires in a cool, dry place with as little
exposure to light as possible. Protect tires from contact
with oil, grease, and gasoline.