Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

The system will automatically control recir-
culation. However, pressing the Recircula-
tion Control button will temporarily put the
system in recirculation mode (ten minutes).
This can be used when outside conditions such as
smoke, odors, dust, or high humidity are present.
Activating recirculation will cause the LED in the
control button to illuminate. After ten minutes, the
system will return to normal AUTO mode function
and the LED will turn off.
The surface of the climate control panel and the top
center of the instrument panel should be kept free of
debris due to the location of the climate control
sensors. Mud on the windshield may also cause poor
operation of this system.
Extended use of recirculation may cause the windows
to fog. If the interior of the windows begins to fog,
press the Recirculation button to return to outside air.
Some temp/humidity conditions will cause captured
interior air to condense on windows and hamper
visibility. For this reason, the system will not allow
Recirculation to be selected while in defrost or
defrost/floor mode. Attempting to use the recircula-
tion while in these modes will cause the LED in the
control button to blink and then turn off.
Manual Operation
This system offers a full complement of manual override
features, which consist of Blower Preferred Automatic,
Mode Preferred Automatic, or Blower and Mode Pre-
ferred Automatic. This means the operator can override
the blower, the mode, or both. There is a manual blower
range for times when the AUTO setting is not desired.
The blower can be set to any fixed blower speed by
rotating the Blower Control knob (on the left).
Please read the Automatic Temperature Control
Operation Chart that follows for details.