Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

ignition, you can choose from High, Off, or Low heat
settings. Amber LEDs in the top portion of each switch
indicate the level of heat in use. Two LEDs will illuminate
for high, one for low, and none for off.
Press the switch once to select high-level heating. Press
the switch a second time to select low-level heating. Press
the switch a third time to shut off the heating elements.
If high-level heating is selected, the system will automati-
cally switch to the low level after 30 minutes of continu-
ous operation. At that time, the number of illuminated
LEDs changes from two to one, indicating the change.
Operation on the low setting also turns off automatically
after 30 minutes.
Once a heat setting is selected, heat will be felt
within two to five minutes.
Persons who are unable to feel pain to the skin
because of advanced age, chronic illness, diabetes,
spinal cord injury, medication, alcohol use, exhaus-
tion or other physical condition must exercise care
when using the seat heater. It may cause burns even
at low temperatures, especially if used for long
Do not place anything on the seat that insulates
against heat, such as a blanket or cushion. This may
cause the seat heater to overheat.
Front Heated Seat Switch