Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

You should not try to start your vehicle by push-
ing or towing.
Do not connect the cable to the negative post of
the discharge battery. The resulting electrical
spark could cause the battery to explode.
During cold weather when temperatures are be-
low freezing point, electrolyte in a discharged
battery may freeze. Do not attempt jump-starting
because the battery could rupture or explode. The
battery temperature must be brought up above
freezing point before attempting jump-start.
7. Start the engine in the vehicle that has the booster
battery. Let the engine idle a few minutes. Then, start the
engine in the vehicle with the discharged battery.
Refer to ЉSynchronizing ESPЉ under ЉElectronic
Brake Control SystemЉ in Section 5 of this manual if the
ESP/BAS light (in the instrument cluster) remains on
continuously after starting the engine of the vehicle with
the discharged battery.
8. When removing the jumper cables, reverse the above
sequence exactly. Be careful of the moving belts and fan.
Any procedure other than above could result in:
1. Personal injury caused by electrolyte squirting
out the battery vent;
2. Personal injury or property damage due to battery
3. Damage to charging system of booster vehicle or
of immobilized vehicle.