Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

a child restraint to be tightly installed. Refer to “Auto-
matic Locking Mode” in this section for details. A locking
clip should not be necessary once the automatic locking
feature is enabled. Position the shoulder and lap belt on
the child restraint. The automatic locking retractor is
activated by first attaching the child seat, then pulling all
of the webbing out of the retractor, then allowing back in.
Tighten webbing. To release, simply unbuckle the seat
belt by depressing the button, allowing the webbing to
retract into the retractor.
In the rear seat, you may have trouble tightening the
lap/shoulder belt on the child restraint because the
buckle or latch plate is too close to the belt path opening
on the restraint. Disconnect the latch plate from the
buckle and twist the short buckle-end belt several times
to shorten it. Insert the latch plate into the buckle with the
release button facing out.
If the belt still can’t be tightened, or if by pulling and
pushing on the restraint loosens the belt, you may need
to do something more. Disconnect the latch plate from
the buckle, turn the buckle around, and insert the latch
plate into the buckle again. If you still can’t make the
child restraint secure, try a different seating position.
To attach a child restraint tether strap:
1. Rotate the cover over the anchor directly behind the
seat where you are placing the child restraint.
2. Route the tether strap to provide the most direct path
for the strap between the anchor and the child seat.
Tether Strap Mounting