Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

Sudden loss of visibility through the windshield
could lead to an accident. You might not see other
vehicles or other obstacles. To avoid sudden icing of
the windshield during freezing weather, warm the
windshield with defroster before and during wind-
shield washer use.
Mist Feature
Push the multi-function lever inward (toward the steer-
ing column) to the first detent to activate a single wipe
cycle to clear off road mist or spray from a passing
vehicle. The wipers will continue to operate until you
release the lever.
Windshield Washers
To use the washer, push the multi-function lever inward
(toward the steering column) to the second detent and
hold it for as long as washer spray is desired.
If you activate the washer while the windshield wiper
control is in the delay range, the wipers will operate for
two wipe cycles after releasing the lever and then resume
the intermittent interval previously selected.
If you activate the washer while the windshield wiper is
turned OFF, the wipers will operate for two wipe cycles
and then turn OFF.
Headlights On with Wipers
When this feature is active, the headlights will turn on
approximately 10 seconds after the wipers are turned on
if the headlight switch is placed in the AUTO position. In
addition, the headlights will turn off when the wipers are
turned off if they were turned on by this feature.
The Headlights On With Wipers feature can be enabled
or disabled. For details, refer to ”Headlights On with
Wipers,” under “Personal Settings (Customer Program-
mable Features),” under “Electronic Vehicle Information
Center” in Section 4 of this manual.
Rain Sensing Wipers
This feature senses moisture on the windshield and
automatically activates the wipers for the driver. This
feature is especially useful for road splash or over spray
from the windshield washers of the vehicle ahead. Rotate