Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

7. Tachometer
The red segments indicate the maximum permissible
engine revolutions-per-minute (r.p.m. x 1000) for each
gear range. Ease up on the accelerator before reaching the
red area.
8. Engine Temperature Warning Light
This light will turn on and a single chime will
sound to warn of an overheated engine condi-
tion. When this light turns on, the engine tem-
perature is critically hot. The vehicle should be turned
off immediately and serviced as soon as possible. (See
page 256 for more information.)
9. Anti-Lock Brake Light
This light monitors the Anti-Lock Brake System.
The light will turn on when the ignition switch
is turned to the ON position and may stay on for as
long as four seconds.
If the ABS light remains on or turns on while driving,
then the Anti-Lock portion of the brake system is not
functioning and service is required. However, the con-
ventional brake system will continue to operate normally
if the BRAKE warning light is not on.
If the ABS light is on, the brake system should be serviced
as soon as possible to restore the benefits of Anti-Lock
brakes. If the ABS light does not turn on when the
Ignition switch is turned to the ON position, have the
light inspected by an authorized dealer. (See page 211 for
more information.)
10. Electronic Stability Program (ESP) / Brake
Assist System (BAS) Malfunction Indicator Light
The yellow ESP/BAS malfunction indicator
light will turn on when the key in the
ignition switch is turned to the “ON” posi-
tion. The light should go out with the engine
running. If the light remains on after several ignition
cycles, and the vehicle has been driven several miles at
speeds greater than 30 mph (48 km/h), see your
authorized dealer as soon as possible to have the
problem diagnosed and corrected. (See page 214 for
more information.)
11. Airbag Warning Light
This light will turn on for 6 to 8 seconds as a
bulb check when the ignition switch is first
turned ON. If the light is either not on