Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

The following indicators should be used to ensure that
you have engaged the selector lever into the P (Park)
When shifting into P (Park) move the lever all the way
forward until it stops, and is fully seated.
Look at the shift indicator display on the instrument
panel to ensure it is in the P (Park) position.
Damage to the shifter could result if the selector
lever is moved out of P (Park) before the ignition is
turned from the LOCK to ON position.
R (Reverse)
Shift into R (Reverse) gear only when the vehicle is
completely stopped.
N (Neutral)
No power is transmitted from the engine to the drive
axle. When the brakes are released, the vehicle can be
moved freely (pushed or towed). Do not engage N
(Neutral) position while driving except to coast when
the vehicle is in danger of skidding (e.g., on icy roads).
The engine may be started in this range. Use this range
for starting your vehicle if it is moving or being towed.
Coasting the vehicle, or driving for any other reason
with selector lever in NEUTRAL can result in trans-
mission damage.
Do not coast in N (Neutral) and never turn off the
ignition to coast down a hill. These are unsafe
practices that limit your response to changing traffic
or road conditions. You might lose control of the
vehicle and have an accident.