Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

video screen is stowed away, or the radio is set to a mode
other than VES, or if you are using the Aux jacks on the
Your vehicle is equipped with a state of the art digital
audio amplifier that decodes stereo sound inputs into 5.1
formatted surround sound. When in surround sound
mode, the KMS1 automatically sets balance and fade to
provide the optimal surround experience.
Satellite radio uses direct satellite to receiver broadcast-
ing technology to provide clear digital sound, coast to
coast. The subscription service provider is Sirius™ Satel-
lite Radio. This service offers over 100 channels of music,
sports, news, entertainment, and programming for chil-
dren, directly from its satellites and broadcasting studios.
System Activation
Your vehicle’s radio must be on and in satellite
mode when the activation process takes place.
To activate your Sirius Satellite Radio service, call the
toll-free number 888-539-7474, or visit the Sirius web site
at Please have the following informa-
tion available when activating your system:
1. The Electronic Serial Number/Sirius Identification
Number (ESN/SID).
2. Credit card information.
3. Your Vehicle Identification Number.
Electronic Serial Number/Sirius Identification
Number (ESN/SID)
The Electronic Serial Number/Sirius Identification Num-
ber is needed to activate your Sirius Satellite Radio
system. To access the ESN/SID, refer to the following
ESN/SID Access With REF Radios
With the ignition switch in the ACCESSORY position and
the radio OFF, press the CD Eject and Time buttons
simultaneously for 3 seconds. The first four digits of the
twelve-digit ESN/SID number will display. Press the
SEEK UP button to display the next four digits. Continue
to press the SEEK UP button until all twelve ESN/SID
digits display. The SEEK DOWN will page down until
the first four digits display. The radio will exit the