Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

The selector lever is automatically locked while in the P
(Park) position. To move the selector lever out of the P
(Park) position, the brake pedal must be firmly depressed
before the shift lock will release.
Shift the selector lever to the desired position only when
the engine is idling normally and the brake pedal is
applied. Do not release the brake until ready to drive. The
vehicle may otherwise accelerate quickly when the selec-
tor lever is in D (Drive) or R (Reverse) position.
Unintended movement of a vehicle could injure
those in and near the vehicle. As with all vehicles,
you should never exit a vehicle while the engine is
running. Before exiting a vehicle, you should always
shift the vehicle into P (Park), remove the key from
the ignition, and apply the parking brake. Once the
key is removed from the ignition, the transmission
selector lever is locked in the P (Park) position,
securing the vehicle against unwanted movement.
Furthermore, you should never leave children unat-
tended inside a vehicle.
Over Temperature Mode
The transmission electronics constantly monitor the
transmission oil temperature. If the transmission exceeds
normal operating temperature, the transmission will
change the way it shifts to help control the condition.
This may result in a slightly different feeling or response
during normal operation in D (Drive) position. After the
transmission cools down, it will return to normal opera-