Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual
The following are general phone to UConnect™ System
pairing instructions:
Press the ’Phone’ button to begin.
After the ЉReadyЉ prompt and the following beep, say
ЉSetup Phone PairingЉ and follow the audible prompts.
When prompted, after the voice on beep, say ЉPair a
PhoneЉ and follow the audible prompts.
You will be asked to say a four-digit pin number,
which you will later need to enter into your cellular.
You can enter any four-digit pin number. You will not
need to remember this pin number after the initial
pairing process.
For identification purposes, you will be prompted to
give the UConnect™ system a name for your cellular
phone. Each cellular phone that is paired should be
given a unique phone name.
You will then be asked to give your cellular phone a
priority level between 1 and 7, 1 being the highest
priority. You can pair up to seven cellular phones to
your UConnect™ system. However, at any given time,
only one cellular phone can be in use, connected to
your UConnect™ System. The priority allows the
UConnect™ system to know which cellular phone to
use if multiple cellular phones are in the vehicle at the
same time. For example, if priority 3 and priority 5
phones are present in the vehicle, the UConnect™
system will use the priority 3 cellular phone when you
make a call. You can select to use a lower priority
cellular phone at any time (refer to ЉAdvanced Phone
Call/Dial by Saying a Number
Press the ’Phone’ button to begin.
After the ЉReadyЉ prompt and the following beep, say
System will prompt you to say the number you want
For example, you can say Љ234-567-8901.Љ