Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

Distance To Empty (DTE)
Shows the estimated distance that can be traveled with
the fuel remaining in the tank. This estimated distance is
determined by a weighted average of the instantaneous
and average fuel economy, according to the current fuel
tank level. DTE cannot be reset through the FUNCTION
SELECT button.
Significant changes in driving style or vehicle
loading will greatly affect the actual drivable distance of
the vehicle, regardless of the DTE displayed value.
When the DTE value is less than 30 miles (48 km)
estimated driving distance, the DTE display will
change to a text display of ЉLOW FUEL.Љ This display
will continue until the vehicle runs out of fuel. Adding
a significant amount of fuel to the vehicle will turn off
the ЉLOW FUELЉ text and a new DTE value will
Trip A
Shows the total distance traveled for trip A since the last
Trip B
Shows the total distance traveled for trip B since the last
Elapsed Time
Shows the total elapsed time of travel since the last reset
when the ignition switch is in the ACC position. Elapsed
time will increment when the ignition switch is in the ON
or START position.
Display Units of Measure in:
To make your selection, press and release the FUNC-
TION SELECT button until “US” or “METRIC” appears.
To Reset The Display
Reset will only occur while a resettable function is being
displayed. Press and release the FUNCTION SELECT
button once to clear the resettable function being dis-
played. To reset all resettable functions, press and release
the FUNCTION SELECT button a second time within 3
seconds of resetting the currently displayed function
(>Reset ALL will display during this 3 second window).