Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

Insure nylon tubing in these areas has not melted or
Inspect all hose connections such as clamps and cou-
plings to make sure they are secure and no leaks are
Components should be replaced immediately if there is
any evidence of wear or damage that could cause failure.
Fuel System
The Electronic Fuel Injection high-pressure fuel system’s
hoses and quick connect fittings have unique material
characteristics that provide adequate sealing and resist
attack by deteriorated gasoline.
You are urged to use only the manufacture specified
hoses with quick connect fittings, or their equivalent in
material and specification, in any fuel system servicing. It
is mandatory to replace any damaged hoses or quick
connect fittings that have been removed during service.
Care should be taken in installing quick connect fittings
to insure they are properly installed and fully connected.
See your authorized dealer for service.
Brake System
In order to assure brake system performance, all brake
system components should be inspected periodically.
Suggested service intervals can be found in the “Mainte-
nance Schedule” in this manual.
Riding the brakes can lead to brake failure and
possibly an accident. Driving with your foot resting
or riding on the brake pedal can result in abnormally
high brake temperatures, excessive lining wear, and
possible brake damage. You wouldn’t have your full
braking capacity in an emergency.
Brake and Power Steering Hoses
When the vehicle is serviced for scheduled maintenance,
inspect surface of hoses and nylon tubing for evidence of
heat and mechanical damage. Hard and brittle rubber,
cracking, tears, cuts, abrasion, and excessive swelling
indicate deterioration of the rubber. Particular attention
should be made to examining those hose surfaces nearest
to high heat sources, such as the exhaust manifold.