Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

Disposing of Used Engine Oil and Oil Filters
Care should be taken in disposing of used engine oil and
oil filters from your vehicle. Used oil and oil filters,
indiscriminately discarded, can present a problem to the
environment. Contact your dealer, service station, or
governmental agency for advice on how and where used
oil and oil filters can be safely discarded in your area.
Engine Oil Filter
The engine oil filter should be replaced at every engine
oil change.
Engine Oil Filter Selection
This manufacturer’s engines have a full-flow type oil
filter. Use a filter of this type for replacement. The quality
of replacement filters varies considerably. Only high
quality filters should be used to assure most efficient
service. Mopar Engine Oil Filters are a high quality oil
filter and are recommended.
Drive Belts Check Condition and Tension
Belt tension is controlled by means of an automatic
tensioner. Therefore, no belt tension adjustments are
required. However, belt and belt tensioner condition
should be inspected at the specified intervals and re-
placed if required. Improper belt tension can cause belt
slippage and failure. Low generator belt tension can
cause battery failure.
At the mileage indicated in the maintenance schedule,
inspect belt and belt tensioner condition. Inspect belts for
evidence of cuts, cracks, glazing, or frayed cords and
replaced if there is indication of damage, which could
result in belt failure. Also, check belt routing to make sure
there is no interference between the belts and other
engine components. See your authorized dealer for ser-
Spark Plugs
Spark plugs must fire properly to assure engine perfor-
mance and emission control. New plugs should be in-
stalled at the specified mileage. The entire set should be
replaced if there is any malfunction due to a faulty spark
plug. Malfunctioning spark plugs can damage the cata-
lytic converter. For proper type of replacement spark
plugs, refer to the “Vehicle Emission Control Informa-
tion” label in the engine compartment.