Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

Brake/Transmission Shift Interlock System
This vehicle is equipped with a brake transmission shift
interlock system (BTSI) that holds the selector lever in the
P (Park) position when the ignition switch is in the LOCK
position. To move the gear selector lever out of the P
(Park) position, the ignition switch must be turned to the
ON position, and the brake pedal must be depressed.
For electrical system malfunctions, there is an override
for the interlock system. In order to override this system
the key must be in the ignition with the switch in the
ACC or ON positions. Remove the rubber storage tray
from the bin located to the right of the shifter lever. The
override can be activated by pressing the pink-colored
tab, which can be accessed through a hole inside the bin.
While the override is pressed, the shifter can be moved
out of the park position without pressing the brake. After
operation, return the rubber storage tray to its original
Brake Interlock Override