Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

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By pressing the SEEK button when the PTY icon is
displayed, the radio will be tuned to the next frequency
station with the same selected PTY name. The PTY
function only operates when in the FM mode.
If a preset button is activated while in the PTY (Program
Type) mode, the PTY mode will be exited and the radio
will tune to the preset station.
If you have selected a PTY with the tune knob,
simply pressing the tune button in will go directly to a
“PTY seek”.
Buttons1-6(Radio Mode)
These buttons tune the Radio to the stations that you
commit to push-button memory {12 AM, 12 FM, and 12
Satellite (if equipped) stations}.
Operating Instructions Tape Player
Insert the cassette with the exposed tape side toward the
left and the mechanical action of the player will gently
pull the cassette into the play position.
When subjected to extremely cold temperatures,
the tape mechanism may require a few minutes to warm
up for proper operation. Sometimes poor playback may
be experienced due to a defective cassette tape. Clean and
demagnetize the tape heads at least twice a year.