Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

The radio display will show ЉLOADING DISCЉ when the
disc is loading.
LOAD/EJT - Eject
Press the LOAD/EJT button and the push-
button with the corresponding number where
the CD was loaded and the disc will unload
and move to the entrance for easy removal.
Radio display will show ЉEJECTING DISCЉ when the disc
is being ejected and prompt the user to remove the disc.
If you have ejected a disc and have not removed it within
15 seconds, it will be reloaded. If the CD is not removed,
the radio will continue to play the non-removed CD. If
the CD is removed and there are other CD’s in the radio,
the radio will play the next CD after a 2-minute timeout.
If the CD is removed and there are no other CD’s in the
radio, the radio will remain in CD mode and display
ЉINSERT DISC” for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, the radio
will go to the previous tuner mode.
INFO Button (CD Mode for MP3 Play)
Press and INFO button while playing MP3 or WMA disc.
The radio scrolls through the following TAG information:
Song Title, Artist, File Name, and Folder Name (if avail-
Press the INFO button once more to return to Љelapsed
timeЉ priority mode.
Press and hold the INFO button while in the message
display priority mode or elapsed time display priority
mode will display the song title for each file.
RW/FF (CD Mode for MP3 and WMA Play)
Press the FF side of the button to move forward through
the file or MP3 and WMA selection.
TUNE Control (CD Mode for MP3 Play)
Pressing the TUNE Control allows the adjustment of
Tone, Balance, and Fade.
AM/FM Button (CD Mode for MP3 Play)
Switches back to Radio mode.