Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

treated confidentially. Confidential data will not be dis-
closed by DaimlerChrysler to any third party except
1. Used for research purposes, such as to match data
with a particular crash record in an aggregate database,
provided confidentiality of personal data is thereafter
2. Used in defense of litigation involving a
DaimlerChrysler product
3. Requested by police under a legal warrant
4. Otherwise required by law
Data Parameters that May Be Recorded:
Diagnostic trouble code(s) and warning light status for
electronically controlled safety systems, including the
airbag system
ЉTimeЉ of airbag deployment (in terms of ignition
cycles and vehicle mileage)
Airbag deployment level (if applicable)
Seatbelt status
Brake status (service and parking brakes)
Accelerator status (including vehicle speed)
Engine control status (including engine speed)
Cruise control status (if applicable)
Traction/stability control status (if applicable)
Child Restraint
Everyone in your vehicle needs to be buckled up all the
time — babies and children, too. Every state in the United
States and all Canadian provinces require that small
children ride in proper restraint systems. This is the law,
and you can be prosecuted for ignoring it.
Children 12 years and under should ride properly buck-
led up in a rear seat, if available. According to crash
statistics, children are safer when properly restrained in
the rear seats rather than in the front.