Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

Daytime Running Lights (Canada Only)
The high beam headlights will come on as Daytime
Running Lights, whenever the ignition switch is on, the
headlights are off, and the parking brake is off. The
headlight switch must be used for normal nighttime
Lights-on Reminder
If the headlights or parking lights are on after the ignition
is turned OFF, a chime will sound to alert the driver
when the driver’s door is opened.
Fog Lights
The front fog light switch is on the headlight
switch below the dimmer control. To activate the
front fog lights, turn on the parking lights or the
low beam headlights and press the fog light switch.
An indicator light in the instrument cluster illuminates
when the fog lights are turned on.
The fog lights will operate with the low beam
headlights or parking lights on. However, selecting the
high beam headlights will turn off the fog lights.
Multi-Function Lever
The multi-function lever controls the operation of the
turn signals, headlight beam selection, and passing
lights. The lever is located on the left side of the steering
Turn Signals
Move the Multi-Function Lever up or down and the
corresponding turn signal indicator in the instrument
cluster flashes to show proper operation of the front and
rear turn signal lights. You can also signal a lane change
Multi-Function Lever