Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

The adjustable pedals system is designed to allow a
greater range of driver comfort for steering wheel tilt and
seat position. This feature allows both the brake and
accelerator pedal to move toward or away from the
driver to provide improved position with the steering
wheel. The switch is located on the front side of the
driver’s seat cushion side shield.
Press the switch forward to move the pedals forward
(toward the front of the vehicle).
Press the switch rearward to move the pedals rearward
(toward the driver).
The pedals can be adjusted with the ignition OFF.
The pedals can be adjusted while driving.
The pedals cannot be adjusted when the vehicle is in R
(Reverse) or when the Speed Control is ON. One of the
following messages will display in the Electronic Ve-
hicle Information Center (EVIC) if a pedal adjustment
is attempted when the system is locked out: “Adjust-
able Pedal Disabled Cruise Control Engaged” or
“Adjustable Pedal Disabled Vehicle In Reverse.”
For vehicles equipped with Driver Memory
Seat, you can use your remote keyless entry transmitter
or the memory switch on the driver’s door panel to
return the adjustable pedals to pre-programmed posi-
tions. Refer to “Driver Memory Seat” in this section for
Adjustable Pedal Switch