Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

You can change the pressure units to display in PSI,
kPA, or BAR. Refer to “Language,” under “Personal
Settings (Customer Programmable Features),” under
“Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC)” in
Section 4 of this manual for details.
The compact spare tire (if so equipped) does not have
a tire pressure monitoring sensor. Therefore, the TPMS
will not monitor the pressure in the compact spare tire.
However, if you install the compact spare tire in place
of a road tire that has a pressure below the low-
pressure warning limit, the Tire Pressure Monitoring
Telltale Light will remain ON and a chime will still
sound each ignition key cycle. In addition, the EVIC
will still display a low-pressure message and a flash-
ing pressure value in the graphic display. Once you
repair or replace the original road tire, and reinstall it
on the vehicle in place of the compact spare, the TPMS
will update automatically. In addition, the Tire Pres-
sure Monitoring Telltale Light will turn OFF, and the
graphic in the EVIC will stop flashing and display a
new pressure value, as long no tire pressure is below
the low-pressure warning limit in any of the four
active road tires. The vehicle may need to be driven for
up to 10 minutes above 15 mph (25 km/h) in order for
the TPMS to receive this information.
Check TPMS Warning
The Tire Pressure Monitoring Telltale Light will flash on
and off for 60 seconds and an audible chime will sound
when a system fault is detected. The flash cycle will
repeat every ten minutes, without an audible chime, until
the fault condition no longer exists. In addition to the
telltale and chime, the Electronic Vehicle Information