Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

The engine must be running before the head-
lights will come ON in the Automatic mode.
Headlights On with Wipers
When this feature is active, the headlights will turn on
approximately 10 seconds after the wipers are turned on
if the headlight switch is placed in the AUTO position. In
addition, the headlights will turn off when the wipers are
turned off if they were turned on by this feature.
The Headlights On with Wipers feature can be enabled or
disabled. For details, refer to ”Headlights On with Wip-
ers,” under “Personal Settings (Customer Programmable
Features),” under “Electronic Vehicle Information Cen-
ter” in Section 4 of this manual.
SmartBeams If Equipped
The SmartBeam system provides increased forward light-
ing at night by automating high beam control through
the use of a digital camera mounted on the inside
rearview mirror. This camera detects vehicle specific light
and automatically switches from high beams to low
beams until the approaching vehicle is out of view.
To Activate:
1. Select “Automatic High Beams ON” through the
Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC). For details,
refer to “Automatic High Beams,” under “Personal Set-
tings (Customer Programmable Features),” under “Elec-
tronic Vehicle Information Center” in Section 4 of this
2. Rotate the headlight switch counter-clockwise to the
AUTO (A) position.
Headlight Switch