Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

On slippery road surfaces, never downshift in order
to obtain braking action. This could result in drive
wheel slip and reduced vehicle control. Your vehi-
cle’s ABS will not prevent this type of loss of control.
You could lose control of your vehicle and have an
Delayed Shifts in Cold Temperatures
During cold temperature operation, you may notice
delayed upshifts depending on engine and transmission
temperature as well as vehicle speed. This feature im-
proves warm up time of the engine and transmission to
achieve maximum efficiency.
Temporary Transmission Limp Home Mode
The transmission is monitored for abnormal conditions.
If a condition is detected that could result in transmission
damage, the transmission will engage Limp Home Mode.
If vehicle acceleration worsens, or the transmission no
longer shifts, the transmission is most likely operating in
the Limp Home Mode. In this mode, the transmission
will remain in the current gear until the vehicle is
brought to a stop. After the vehicle has stopped, P (Park),
R (Reverse), and N (Neutral) will continue to operate.
Second gear will operate in the D (Drive) shifter position.
The Malfunction Indicator Light may be illuminated.
A reset feature is available to allow the vehicle to be
driven to a dealer for service. To reset the transmission,
use the following procedure:
1. Stop the vehicle.
2. Move the selector lever to the P (Park) position.
3. Turn off the engine.
4. Wait approximately 10 seconds.
5. Restart the engine.
6. Move the selector lever to the desired range. If the
problem is no longer detected, the transmission will
return to normal operation.