Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

To Raise The Top:
1. Make sure the rear cargo compartment divider is still
secured in the vertical position.
2. Make sure the decklid is closed.
3. Turn the ignition key to the ON/RUN position and
press down on the front of the convertible top switch.
4. If the windows are raised, they will lower as soon as
the convertible switch is pressed down. The tonneau
cover will open, and the top will then close until it
reaches approximately 8 inches (200 mm) from the
header. The tonneau cover will then close and the rear of
the top will close and latch. At the completion of this
cycle, a single audible signal will sound.
If the top is latched to the windshield header
before the rear of the top is properly latched, an audible
warning will sound.
5. Pull the latch handle down from the storage position
and turn it clockwise just over one quarter turn.