Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

Check the battery every four to six weeks to ensure that
the voltage is above 12.40. Voltage will drop more rapidly
in hot temperatures. If battery voltage drops below 12.40,
follow the battery recharge procedure in the Service
Check that the radiator coolant level of protection is to
at least -20°F (-29°C).
Block the wheels. Do not apply the parking brake.
Make sure that all tires are inflated to the optimum
Cut blocks of plywood about the same size of the tires.
Cover each block with indoor/outdoor carpeting and
place them between the tires and concrete. This will
prevent tire flat spotting.
For long term storage, remove the tires and put the
vehicle up on blocks. Stack the tires on plywood and
cover with a tarp to prevent flat spotting.
Move the wiper blades away from the windshield.
To help prevent the battery from discharging
during shorter periods of inactivity, perform the follow-
1. Make sure that the rear liftgate/decklid, hood, and
doors are completely closed.
2. Make sure that the remote transmitter is operating and
that the battery is good.
3. Make sure that the hood, rear liftgate and door
switches are in adjustment.
4. Use the remote transmitter to set the alarm.