Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

Your vehicle is equipped with either sport performance
tires or all-season performance tires. The sport perfor-
mance tires offer the maximum road handling capability
in dry and wet weather conditions. The all-season per-
formance tires, while offering slightly less road handling
capability, are able to provide traction capability in snow
and ice conditions. Both types of tires are rated for high
speed operation. It is important that you know what type
of tires your vehicle is equipped with so that you
understand their traction and handling characteristics for
various road conditions. Replacement tires should be of
the same size and speed rating to continue to provide the
same level of performance you are accustomed to.
Some countries or regions require the use of snow tires
during winter. See the recommended snow type winter
tire applications in this section.
Your vehicle may be equipped with sport perfor-
mance tires that are optimized for driving in dry and
wet weather conditions. However, these tires have
reduced traction capability in snow and ice. When
driving your Crossfire in these conditions with these
tires, you must take special care to maintain control
and avoid accidents. We recommend that you equip
your vehicle with “SNOW” or “ALL SEASON” tires
on all four wheels for driving in snowy and icy