Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

To avoid possible damage to the tonneau cover and
convertible top, do not allow the convertible top to
remain in the suspended position. After approxi-
mately 10 minutes in the suspended position, the
hydraulic pressure will be released which will allow
the top and the tonneau cover to lower. The convert-
ible top switch can be pressed to cancel this opera-
To avoid damage to either the top or the rear win-
dow, check the tonneau cover area at the rear of the
vehicle interior to be sure that it is clear of debris or
other items. Do not use the tonneau cover area for
other storage purposes.
To fully insure that no damage occurs, be sure that
the vehicle is at a complete stop before attempting to
lower or raise the top.
If the top stops during the raising or lowering
procedure, start the engine and continue operation.
1. Make sure the rear cargo compartment divider is
unfolded and secured in the vertical position.
If the divider is in its stowed position, first unfold the
panels towards the rear of the vehicle. Pull up on the
vertical panel using the center cutout shown, and hook
the pins at the top into the brackets mounted to the cargo
compartment trim on each side near the forward edge of
the decklid opening. The pins must be hooked in these
brackets in order for the top to operate.