Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

The following methods are sufficient if the top is only
lightly soiled:
Dry Cleaning
Brush the dry top with a soft-bristled brush from front to
rear of the vehicle.
Wet Cleaning
Wash with clear water or with a mild detergent and an
ample supply of luke warm water by wiping with a
soft-bristled brush or sponge from front to rear. Then
rinse thoroughly with clear water.
Allow the top to dry before lowering. Vacuuming the top
with a wet/dry shop vacuum will decrease the top’s
drying time, ensure removal of all dirt, and delete streaks
in the material. Multiple cleanings may be necessary to
remove stubborn stains. If stains persist, contact your
local dealership for further suggestions.
Weather Strip Care
Lubricate all top and door glass weather strips periodi-
cally with Mopar Weather Strip Lubricant (part number
4773427), to keep them soft and pliable.