Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

The fuel tank filler tube has a restricting door
about 2 inches (50 mm) down from the opening. If fuel is
poured from a portable container, the container should
have a flexible nozzle long enough to force open the
restricting door.
To avoid fuel spillage and overfilling, do not “top
off” the fuel tank after filling.
With the key in the ignition switch turned to the ON/
RUN position, the fuel reserve warning light comes on. It
should go out immediately when the engine is running.
If the warning light does not go out after starting the
engine, or if it comes on while driving, it indicates that
the fuel level is down to the reserve quantity of approxi-
mately 2 gallons (7.5 liters).
Leaving the engine running and the fuel cap open can
cause the CHECK ENGINE light to illuminate.
When the fuel nozzle “clicks” or shuts off, the fuel
tank is full.
Tighten the gas cap until you hear a single click. This
is an indication that the gas cap is properly tightened.
The CHECK ENGINE light will come on if the gas cap
is not properly secured. Make sure that the gas cap is
tightened each time the vehicle is refueled.
Never have any smoking materials lit in or near
the vehicle when the gas cap is removed or the
tank is filled.
Never add fuel to the vehicle when the engine is
A fire may result if gasoline is pumped into a
portable container that is inside of a vehicle. You
could be burned. Always place gas containers on
the ground outside the vehicle while filling.