Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

The BAS is designed to maximize the vehicle’s braking
capability during emergency braking maneuvers. The
system applies maximum power boost to the brakes
more quickly in emergency braking conditions than
might otherwise be afforded solely by the driver’s brak-
ing style. This can help reduce braking distances. The
BAS complements the antilock brake system (ABS). Ap-
plying the brakes very quickly results in maximum BAS
assistance. To receive the benefit of the system, you must
apply continuous full braking power during the stopping
sequence. Do not reduce brake pedal pressure.
Once the brake pedal is released, the BAS is deactivated.
The malfunction indicator lamp for the Electronic Stabil-
ity Program is combined with the BAS. The yellow
BAS/ESP malfunction indicator light in the instrument
cluster and the yellow ESP warning light in the speed-
ometer dial come on with the key in the ignition switch
turned to the ON/RUN position. They should go out
with the engine running. If the BAS/ESP malfunction
indicator light comes on continuously with the engine
running, a malfunction has been detected in either sys-