Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

Continuing to drive with an overheated engine cool-
ing system can cause damage to the engine or other
5. Fuel Gauge
When the ignition is in the ON/RUN position, the
pointer will show the level of fuel remaining in the tank.
The arrow to the right of the gas pump symbol shows
which side of the vehicle the fuel filler door is located on.
6. Turn Signal Indicators
To signal minor directional changes, such as
changing lanes, move the multifunction con-
trol lever to the point of resistance only and
hold it there. The arrows will flash in unison
with the corresponding exterior turn signal.
To operate the turn signals continuously, move the mul-
tifunction control lever past the point of resistance up or
down. The switch is automatically canceled when the
steering wheel is turned to a large enough degree.
The arrows in the instrument cluster will flash in unison
with the respective exterior turn signal.
7. Electronic Stability Program (ESP) Indicator
The yellow ESP indicator light in the speedom-
eter dial comes on with the key in the ignition
switch turned to the ON/RUN position. It
should go out with the engine running.
If the ESP indicator light flashes during acceleration,
apply as little throttle as possible. While driving, ease up
on the accelerator. Adapt your speed and driving to the
prevailing road conditions, and do not switch off the ESP.
8. Speedometer
The speedometer shows the vehicle speed in miles-per-
hour and/or kilometers-per-hour.
9. Tachometer
This gauge shows engine speed in revolutions-per-
minute (RPM) times 1,000.
The red markings on the tachometer indicate excessive
engine speed. Ease off on the accelerator before reaching
the red area.