Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

Basic Setting - Air Conditioner
Press the air conditioning ON/OFF switch. The
light in the switch will illuminate. Select a
temperature for each side of the passenger
compartment. Select the air volume with the
fan control switch, at least to position 1. Set the air
distribution control switch to one of the positions shown
above. Open center air outlets. Open left and right side
air outlets.
The air conditioning compressor will not run if
the fan control switch is not set to position 1 or higher.
The dot between the air distribution control
icons is a mix position between the two modes.
Slight changes in engine speed or power may be noticed
when the compressor is on. This is a normal occurrence,
since the compressor will cycle on and off to maintain
comfort and increase fuel economy.
If your air conditioning performance seems
lower than expected, check the front of the A/C con-
denser for an accumulation of dirt or insects.
Set the temperature selectors to the maximum
heating position, set the fan control to position 5,
and the air distribution to the defrost position. Close the
center air outlets. Close the left and right side air outlets.
Turn the defroster outlets for the side windows to the
detent position.
Defogging Windows Fogged Up On Inside
Press the A/C button; the indicator light should illumi-
nate. Switch off the air recirculation; the indicator light
should go out. Set the air distribution control switch to
the defrost position. Increase air volume with the fan