Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

Check belt fit periodically. A child’s squirming or
slouching can move the belt out of position.
If the shoulder belt contacts the face or neck, move the
child closer to the center of the vehicle. Never allow a
child to put the shoulder belt under an arm or behind
their back.
LATCH - Child Seat Anchorage System (Lower
Anchors and Tether for Children)
Your vehicle’s passenger seat is equipped with the child
restraint anchorage system called LATCH. The LATCH
system provides for the installation of the child restraint
without using the vehicle’s belts, instead securing the
child restraint using lower anchorages and upper tether
straps from the child restraint to the vehicle structure.
LATCH-compatible child restraints are now available.
Installing the LATCH-Compatible Child Restraint
We urge that you carefully follow the directions of the
manufacturer when installing your child restraint. These
are general instructions, and not all child restraint sys-
tems will be installed exactly as described here. Again,
carefully follow the installation instructions that were
provided with the child restraint system.
The passenger seat lower anchorages are round bars,
located at the rear of the seat cushion where it meets the
seat back, and are just visible when you lean in to install
the child restraint. You will easily feel them if you run
your finger along the intersection of the seat back and
seat cushion surfaces.