Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

Engine Oil Selection
For best performance and maximum protection under all
types of operating conditions, only use synthetic engine
oils, approved to MB 229.3 or MB 229.5, such as Mobil 1
SAE 0W-40. The FSS may not alert for an oil change at the
proper interval if an unapproved engine oil is used;
engine damage and reduced engine life may result.
Materials Added To Engine Oils
Do not add materials (other than leak detection dyes) to
engine oil. Engine oil is an engineered product and its
performance may be impaired by supplemental addi-
Disposing of Used Engine Oil
Care should be taken in disposing of used engine oil from
your vehicle. Used oil, indiscriminately discarded, can
present a problem to the environment. Contact your
dealer, service station, or governmental agency for advice
on how and where used oil can be safely discarded in
your area.
Engine Oil Filter
The engine oil filter should be replaced at every engine
oil change.
Engine Oil Filter Selection
All DaimlerChrysler Corporation engines have a full-
flow type disposable oil filter. Use a filter of this type for
replacement. The quality of replacement filters varies
considerably. Only high quality filters should be used to
assure most efficient service. Mopar Engine Oil Filters
are high quality oil filters and are recommended.