Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

Brake Pad Break-In
The brakes on your vehicle do not require a long break-in
period, but avoid repeated hard brake applications from
high speeds during initial break-in. Also avoid severe
brake loading such as may be encountered when de-
scending long mountain grades.
The standard power steering system will give you good
vehicle response and increased ease of maneuverability
in tight spaces. The system will provide mechanical
steering capability if power assist is lost.
If for some reason, the power assist is interrupted, it will
still be possible to steer your vehicle. Under these condi-
tions you will observe a substantial increase in steering
effort, especially at very low vehicle speeds and during
parking maneuvers.
Increased noise levels at the end of the steering
wheel travel are considered normal and does not indicate
that there is a problem with the power steering system.
Upon initial start-up in cold weather, the power
steering pump may make noise for a short period of
time. This is due to the cold, thick fluid in the steering
system. This noise should be considered normal, and
does not in any way damage the steering system.
Continued operation with reduced power steering
assist could pose a safety risk to yourself and others.
Service should be obtained as soon as possible.
Prolong operation of the steering system at the end
of the steering wheel travel will increase the steering
fluid temperature and should be avoided when
possible. Damage to the power steering pump may