Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

Once the brake pedal is released, the BAS is deactivated.
The malfunction indicator light for the BAS is combined
with the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) malfunction
indicator light.
The BAS/ESP malfunction indicator light in the instru-
ment cluster comes on with the key in the ignition switch
turned to the ON/RUN position and should go out with
the engine running. If the BAS/ESP malfunction indica-
tor light comes on steadily while the engine is running, a
malfunction has been detected in either the BAS or ESP
system. As a result, it is possible that only partial engine
output will be available, and pressing the accelerator
pedal will require more effort.
If the BAS malfunctions, the brake system functions in
the usual manner, but without BAS.
With the ABS malfunctioning, the BAS and ESP will be
disabled. In this condition, both malfunction indicator
lights come on while the engine is running. If the
malfunction indicator light stays illuminated, have the
BAS and ESP checked at your authorized dealer as soon
as possible.