Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

Do not allow petroleum-based fluid to contaminate
the brake fluid as seal damage will result!
Automatic Transmission
The fluid in the automatic transmission should be
changed at 80,000 miles (129,000 km), along with the
transmission fluid filter. After that, the transmission fluid
is filled for life.
Selection of Lubricant
It is important that the proper lubricant is used in the
transmission to assure optimum transmission perfor-
mance. Use only ATF approved to MB 236.10, MB 236.12.
Synthetic Dexron IIIAutomatic Transmission Fluid may
be substituted. Refer to the Recommended Fluids, Lubri-
cants and Genuine Parts section for the correct fluid type.
It is important that the transmission fluid be maintained
at the prescribed level using the recommended fluid.
Using a transmission fluid other than the fluid
recommended by DaimlerChrysler Corporation may
cause deterioration in transmission shift quality
and/or torque converter shudder. Using a transmis-
sion fluid other than that recommended by the
DaimlerChrysler Corporation will result in more
frequent fluid and filter changes. Refer to the Rec-
ommended Fluids, Lubricants and Genuine Parts
section for correct fluid type.
Fluid Level Check
Regular automatic transmission fluid level checks and
changes are not required. For this reason the dipstick is
If you notice fluid loss or gear shift malfunction, have
your authorized dealer check the transmission fluid level.
Fluid and Filter Changes
Automatic transmission fluid and filter should be
changed at 80,000 miles (129,000 km). The fluid is then
filled for life.