Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

DO NOT use gasolines containing Methanol. Use of
these blends may result in starting and drivability
problems and may damage critical fuel system com-
Problems that result from using methanol/gasoline
blends are not the responsibility of DaimlerChrysler
Corporation and may not be covered by the Limited
Warranty. While MTBE is an oxygenate made from
Methanol, it does not have the negative effects of Metha-
MMT in Gasoline
MMT is a manganese containing metallic additive that is
blended into some gasolines to increase the octane num-
ber. Gasolines blended with MMT offer no performance
advantage beyond gasolines of the same octane number
without MMT. Gasolines blended with MMT have shown
to reduce spark plug life and reduce emission system
performance in some vehicles. DaimlerChrysler Corpo-
ration recommends using gasolines without MMT. Since
the MMT content of gasoline may not be indicated on the
pump, you should ask your gasoline retailer whether or
not his/her gasoline contains MMT.
MMT is prohibited in both Federal and California refor-
mulated gasolines.
In Canada, MMT can be used at levels higher than those
allowed in the United States. For this reason, it is even
more important to look for gasolines without MMT in
Materials Added to Fuel
All gasoline sold in the United States is required to
contain effective detergent additives. Use of additional
detergents or other additives is not needed under normal
conditions and would result in unnecessary cost. There-
fore, you should not have to add anything to the fuel.
Sulfur in Gasoline
If you live in the Northeast United States, your vehicle
may have been designed to meet California low emission
standards with cleaner burning California reformulated
gasoline with low sulfur. If such fuels are not available in