Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

after approximately 30 minutes, at outside temperatures
above approximately 40°F (5°C); after approximately five
minutes, if the A/C button is pressed.
At high outside temperatures, the system automatically
engages the recirculated air mode for approximately 30
minutes, thereby increasing the cooling capacity perfor-
mance. Press the recirculation button again to extend the
recirculated air mode.
Residual Engine Heat Utilization (REST)
With the engine switched off, it is possible to
continue heating the interior for a short while.
Air volume is controlled automatically. Select a
temperature for each side of the passenger
compartment. Set the air distribution control switch to
the desired position.
To select, turn the key in the ignition switch to the ACC
or the OFF/LOCK position or remove. Press the recircu-
lation button. The indicator light in the button illumi-
nates. This function selection will not activate if the
battery charge level is insufficient.
To cancel, press the recirculation button. The indicator
light in the button goes out. The system will automati-
cally shut off if you turn the key in the ignition switch to
the ON/RUN position, after approximately 30 minutes,
or if the battery voltage drops.
This vehicle is equipped with an air conditioner
system that uses R-134a (HFC: hydrofluorocarbon) as a
refrigerant. Repairs should always be performed by a
qualified technician, and refrigerant should be collected
in a recovery system for recycling.
Dust Filter (If Equipped)
Nearly all dust particles and pollen are filtered out before
outside air enters the passenger compartment through
the air distribution system.
Keep the air intake grille in front of windshield
free of snow and debris.