Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

Program mode selector switch
Accelerator position
Vehicle speed
The gear shifting process is continuously adapted, de-
pendent on the driving style, the driving situation and
the road characteristics.
The selector lever is automatically locked while in the
PARK position. To move the selector lever out of the
PARK position, the brake pedal must be firmly depressed
before the shift lock will release.
Shift the selector lever to the desired position only when
the engine is idling normally and the brake pedal is
applied. Do not release the brake until ready to drive. The
vehicle may otherwise accelerate quickly when the selec-
tor lever is in DRIVE or REVERSE position.
After selecting any driving position, wait a
moment to allow the gear to fully engage before acceler-
ating, especially when the engine is cold.
It is dangerous to shift the selector lever out of PARK
or NEUTRAL if the engine speed is higher than idle
speed. If your foot is not firmly on the brake pedal,
the vehicle could accelerate quickly forward or in
reverse. You could lose control of the vehicle and hit
someone or something. Only shift into gear when
the engine is idling normally and when your foot is
firmly on the brake pedal.
For brief stops, leave the transmission in gear and hold
the vehicle with the brake pedal. For longer stops with
the engine idling, shift into the NEUTRAL or PARK
position and hold the vehicle with the parking brake.
When stopping the vehicle uphill, do not hold it with the
accelerator; use the brake. This avoids unnecessary trans-
mission heat build-up.