Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) - Airbag
This vehicle has airbags for the driver and passenger as a
supplement to the seat belt restraint systems. The driver’s
airbag is mounted in the steering wheel. The passenger
frontal airbag is mounted in the instrument panel, under
a cover marked SRS/AIRBAG.
These airbags inflate in higher speed frontal impacts.
They work with the instrument panel knee bolster and
the seat belts to provide improved protection for the
driver and passenger.
The vehicle is also equipped with side airbags, located in
the driver and passenger doors. Side airbags also work
with seat belts to improve occupant protection.
Do not put anything on or around the front airbag
covers or attempt to manually open them. You
may damage the airbags and you could be injured
because the airbags are not there to protect you.
These protective covers are designed to open only
when the airbags are inflated.
Do not place objects between you and the side
airbags; the performance could be adversely af-
fected and/or objects could be pushed into you,
causing serious injury.
Do not attach cup holders or any other objects on
or around the door. The inflating side airbag
could drive objects into occupants, causing seri-
ous injury.