Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

The doors can be unlocked by pulling on the inside door
handle, pressing and releasing the top portion of the
central locking switch located in the console, or by
pressing and releasing the Unlock transmit button on the
key fob. Both doors can also be unlocked by turning the
key counterclockwise in the driver’s door.
If the key in the ignition switch is in the
ON/RUN position, the vehicle cannot be locked or
unlocked with the remote control.
When you lock the vehicle, both door lock buttons
should move down. If either one stays up, the respective
door is not properly closed. You should then unlock the
vehicle, open and reclose the door, and lock the vehicle
Each individual door can be locked with the respective
door lock button - the driver’s door can only be locked
when it is closed. If the vehicle has previously been
locked from the outside, only the door being opened
from the inside will unlock, and the alarm will come on.
The other door, the rear liftgate/decklid, fuel filler door,
and center console (roadster only) will remain locked.
In case of a malfunction in the central locking
system, the doors can be locked and unlocked individu-
ally. To lock, turn the key in the driver’s door lock
clockwise, or push down the lock buttons. To unlock,
turn the key in the driver’s door lock counterclockwise,
or pull the inside door handles.
For personal security and safety in the event of an
accident, lock the vehicle doors as you drive and
when you park and leave the vehicle.
Central Locking Switch
The central locking switch is located in the console. The
doors and rear liftgate/decklid can only be locked with
the central locking switch if both doors are closed.
If the vehicle was previously locked with the remote
control or key, the doors and rear liftgate/decklid cannot
be unlocked with the central locking switch. If the vehicle
was previously locked with the central locking switch,
the complete vehicle is unlocked when a door is opened
from the inside.