Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

Climate Control - OFF
To switch the climate control off, set the air volume
control switch to position 0. The fresh air supply to the
vehicle interior is shut off. While driving, use this setting
only temporarily, otherwise the windshield could fog up.
Rear Window Defroster
Turn the key in the ignition switch to the
ON/RUN position. To select, press the rear
window defroster button once and release. The
indicator light in the switch should illuminate.
To cancel, press the rear window defroster button again
and release.
Heavy accumulation of snow and ice should be
removed before activating the defroster. The rear win-
dow defroster uses a large amount of power. To keep the
battery drain to a minimum, turn off the defroster as soon
as the window is clear. The defroster is automatically
turned off after a maximum of 12 minutes of operation.
If several components in the vehicle are consuming
power simultaneously, or the battery is only partially
charged, it is possible that the defroster will automati-
cally turn itself off. When this happens, the indicator light
inside the switch starts blinking. As soon as the battery
has sufficient voltage, the defroster automatically turns
itself back on.
To avoid damaging the electrical conductors, do not
use scrapers, sharp instruments, or abrasive window
cleaners on the interior surface of the rear window.
Labels can be peeled off by soaking with warm
Air Recirculation/REST
This mode can be selected to temporarily re-
duce the entry of annoying odors or dust into
the vehicle’s interior. Outside air does not flow
into the vehicle’s interior. To select, press the
recirculation button. To cancel, press the recirculation
button again.
The system will automatically switch from recirculated
air to fresh air after approximately five minutes at
outside temperatures below approximately 40°F (5°C);