Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

states adopting California emission standards, your ve-
hicle will operate satisfactorily on fuels meeting Federal
specifications, but emission control system performance
may be adversely affected.
Gasoline sold outside of California is permitted to have
higher sulfur levels, which may affect the performance of
the vehicle’s catalytic converter. This may cause the
CHECK ENGINE light to illuminate. DaimlerChrysler
Corporation recommends that you try a different brand
of unleaded gasoline having lower sulfur to determine if
the problem is fuel-related prior to returning your vehicle
to an authorized dealer for service.
If the CHECK ENGINE Light is flashing, immediate
service is required. See the Onboard Diagnostic
System (OBDII) paragraph in the Maintaining Your
Vehicle section of this manual.
Fuel Filler Cap (Gas Cap)
The gas cap is located under the fuel filler door, on the
passenger’s side of the vehicle. To open the door, be sure
it is unlocked, then gently press the rear edge of the door
until a click can be heard, then release. The door rear
edge will spring open enough to grasp and pull it
completely open. If the central locking system does not
release the fuel filler door, see your authorized dealer for
service. If the gas cap is lost or damaged, be sure the
replacement cap has been designed for use with this
Damage to the fuel system or emission control
system could result from using an improper gas cap.
A poorly fitting cap could let impurities into the fuel
system. The CHECK ENGINE light will come on if
the gas cap is not properly secured.