Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

When cleaning extremely dirty wheels, care must be
taken in the selection of tire and wheel cleaning chemi-
cals and equipment to prevent damage to the wheels.
Only Mopar Wheel Cleaners are recommended. Any of
the “DO NOT USE” items listed below can damage
wheels and wheel trim.
Any abrasive cleaner
Any abrasive cleaning pad (such as steel wool) or
abrasive brush
Any cleaner that contains an acid which can react with
and discolor the chrome surface.
Oven cleaner
A car wash that uses carbide-tipped wheel cleaning
brushes or acidic solutions.
Many wheel cleaners contain acids that may harm
the wheel surface.
Interior Care
Use Mopar Fabric Cleaner to clean fabric upholstery
and carpeting.
Use Mopar Vinyl Cleaner to clean vinyl upholstery.
Mopar Vinyl Cleaner is specifically recommended for
vinyl trim.
Leather Seat Care and Cleaning
Leather is best preserved by regular cleaning with a
damp soft cloth. Small particles of dirt can act as an
abrasive and damage the leather surface and should be
removed immediately with a damp cloth. Stubborn soils
can be removed easily with a soft cloth and MoparTotal
Clean. Care should be taken to avoid soaking your
leather upholstery with any liquid. Please do not use
polishes, oils, cleaning fluids, solvents, detergents, or