Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

10. Brake System Warning Light
The dual brake system provides a reserve
braking capability if a failure occurs in a
portion of the hydraulic system.
This light monitors both the brake fluid level and the
parking brake. If the light comes on, it indicates either
that the parking brake is on or there is a low fluid level in
the brake master cylinder. Since this vehicle is equipped
with anti-lock brakes (ABS), the brake light may also
indicate reduced braking performance due to the loss of
electronic brake proportioning. If the parking brake is off
and the light remains on, have the brake system in-
spected as soon as possible.
The warning light should be checked frequently to assure
that it is operating properly. This can be done by turning
the ignition switch to START. The light should come on.
If the red brake light does not come on when the ignition
is turned to the ON/RUN position, have the brake
warning light repaired promptly.
Driving a vehicle with the brake light on is danger-
ous. Part of the brake system may have failed. It will
take longer to stop the vehicle. You could have an
accident. Have the vehicle checked immediately.
This light shows only that the parking brake is
on. It does not show the degree of brake application.
The brake warning light will come on if the ABS light is
not functioning and there is an ABS system malfunction.
11. Light Outage Indicator
With the key in the ignition switch turned to
the ON/RUN position, an indicator light
comes on. It should go out when the engine
is running. If the indicator light does not go
out after starting the engine, or if it comes on while
driving, it indicates a failure in the parking light,
taillight, stoplight, low beam headlight, or other exte-
rior lamps.